The popularity of artificial grass is on the rise, particularly with ongoing drought conditions and the growing understanding of the many benefits of replacing natural grass with manufactured options.

One of the most appealing aspects of installing synthetic turf is that you have the look and feel of natural grass but never have to worry about brown spots, bare spots or having a brown lawn through the summer months. Another appealing aspect is that you get to have a beautiful lawn without the ongoing expenses of maintaining natural grass and without the ongoing mowing, seeding, edging, weeding, fertilizing, watering and aerating it takes to keep natural grass looking good.

There is no irrigation system to maintain, no mud, lower water bills and only occasional maintenance required.

With all of these benefits, it is no surprise that homeowners are choosing this option in growing numbers and that they are using manufactured turf for much more than just their front lawns.

10 Places Homeowners Use Artificial Grass

Here are 10 places homeowners commonly use manufactured grass in residential settings.

Dog Runs

Artificial grass is definitely gaining popularity as a go-to choice for dog runs. There is no mud or ruts after rain, no wet blades of grass being tracked in the house, and no warm soil where fleas love to hang out. Additionally, it is easy to clean when used as a restroom area, and you will not have to figure out how to fit your lawn mower through the gate for a weekly mowing.

One of the biggest reasons for choosing fake grass for dog runs is that it provides a soft, grass-like surface where your dogs can play or lounge but does not get unsightly brown spots where your dogs urinate.

One consideration for using artificial turf in a dog run is that it can get hotter than natural grass on hot days or in direct sunlight. You can help counteract this by building your dog run under a shade tree, adding shade sails to provide shade for the grass and your dogs, or covering the dog run with a roof that provides your dogs with protection from sun and rain.

Play Areas

Synthetic grass is a great choice for play areas and offers a level, even surface with fewer tripping hazards. There is no mud or ruts after rain, and little feet will not track grass into the house. If pets share the space with your children, you are sure to appreciate that the Durafill infill used by Install-It-Direct does not allow bacterial spores to grow. When your pets use the area as a restroom, you can simply rinse it off or use a combination of vinegar and water to kill germs.

If you are concerned about the manufactured grass getting too hot under the glare of the South Florida sun, you can install your grass under a tree or use shade sails over the play area to reduce the amount of sunlight coming into the space.

King Turf also has the ability to add Hydro-Chill, which is a high-end infill sand that can help keep the turf cool for a lot longer AND helps eliminate pet odors and other foul odors that can occur.

Backyard Sports Fields

Homeowners choose artificial grass for backyard sports fields, such as soccer fields, for several reasons. For starters, fake grass provides a level playing field with lower risk of tripping when compared to natural grass. It is easier to care for, does not get muddy after rain and is ready for a pick-up game at a moment’s notice. As an added bonus, no mounds or divots in the grass means that your ball will take a truer path, which is nice for practicing your skills.

Front Yard Lawns

This is one of the most common uses for synthetic turf in residential settings, particularly now that the ongoing drought is making many homeowners rethink their natural grass lawns. While front yards are not used for play areas or pet areas as often as backyard lawns, a beautiful front lawn continues to be a status symbol and hugely popular in suburban settings. People want their front yards to look good, and artificial grass is one way to ensure that your lawn will always look green and lush regardless of the weather or mandatory water restrictions.

Of course, it is an added bonus that your lawn will look amazing without ever having to mow, fertilize, edge, seed, aerate or water it.

Backyard Lawns

Homeowners want backyard lawns to enhance the visual appeal of their yards – just like front yard lawns; however, backyard lawns often serve additional purposes. For example, they are often play areas for children and pets, a restroom for dogs and a hangout space for guests. This means that backyard lawns need to look good, but they also need to be durable and a comfortable place to spend time.

Homeowners who opt for fake grass often do so because they know their lawns will always look lush and inviting, will require significantly less maintenance, and can readily withstand traffic from children, pets and guests. They never have to worry about brown spots from dogs or bare spots in high-traffic areas.


Synthetic turf is often used in walkways – either alone or in combination with paving stones. As mentioned above, manufactured grass can handle heavy traffic, which makes it ideal for use in pathways leading to play areas, outdoor living areas, swimming pools or gardens. Therefore, homeowners who love the look of natural grass but need something with better durability and lower maintenance requirements often choose artificial grass to provide an attractive, long-lasting ground cover for walkways.

Backyard Putting Greens

Both residential and commercial putting greens are often seen with artificial grass, which provides an easy-care, level playing surface that is always ready for some practice swings. There is no need to wait days for the soil to dry after it rains and no worrying about tracking mud and grass into the house after practice.

Using synthetic turf for a backyard putting green also gives you more flexibility for where you can fit your practice area. When you do not have to worry about how well your grass will grow in particular conditions, you can place your putting green where you have space, such as in a side yard that gets little sun or under a shade tree.

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

As with other uses for artificial turf, homeowners are choosing it for outdoor entertaining areas for its durability and visual appeal. Without ever having to push a mower or maintain an irrigation system, you can have an inviting, green lawn that will provide both a foundation and a focal point for outdoor entertaining.

An artificial grass lawn can withstand lots of traffic and provides the perfect place for everything from an afternoon tea party to a backyard movie night.

Pool Decks

Landscaping around your pool with artificial turf allows you to have the look and feel of a natural grass lawn without worrying about dirt getting in the pool, pool chemicals killing your lawn or wet feet picking up blades of grass to track into your house. These are just a few of the reasons more homeowners are choosing synthetic grass for pool landscaping. Others include its low maintenance requirements and drought-friendly appeal.


No one likes to trudge up and down a hillside trying to pull weeds, prune trees or care for plants. When it comes to hillside landscaping, options that require the least amount of maintenance are the most convenient and time-saving choice, and it does not get much lower maintenance than artificial grass. While manufactured grass does require occasional raking and spraying down to stay clean and looking its best, the maintenance requirements are lower than most living ground cover options.

Artificial turf can also help control erosion, which makes it an even more appealing option for landscaping hillsides.


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