The benefits of fake grass have been well-documented and publicized for years. But when it comes to installing fake grass, you should have all the facts up front. There are a few things homeowners who have made the switch before you wish they had known about the installation process. Those tips will help you avoid any confusion or problems that might pop up during your faux lawn’s installation. 

How It Affects Property Values

For many homeowners that are interested in installing artificial turf with King Turf, one of the first questions is how will installing fake grass affect my property value?

This is an easy answer: Due to the ZERO-MAINTENANCE required and the fact that it looks amazing year-round, artificial turf will increase your property value.

This was a HUGE deciding factor among spouses when deciding to move forward with the project.

Prep Work Involved

Before we can install your new fake grass, the old grass has to go. Then the ground must be properly prepared. While this sounds straightforward, removing existing sod is a lot of work and it takes time. Most professional landscaping companies that work with artificial turf can complete the project in two or three days, depending on the amount of grass to be removed, the size of their crew, and how they approach the removal project.

Once the old grass is gone, the soil must be turned and smoothed to eliminate any dips or humps. Then the next phase of the project can begin. Welcome, fake grass!


Installing fake grass isn’t difficult, but it doesn’t happen overnight. For example, it can take 2 to 4 days to install 1,500 square feet of fake grass. The number of people working the project, their level of experience, and the weather all affects how long the installation will take.

Exact measurements must be made, and grass trimmed carefully to fit so there are no ragged edges. Ideally, installation should take place when temperatures are above 50o F. In cooler seasons, this may eliminate early-morning work, which could extend overall installation time. If all goes smoothly, your new lawn can be in place in a couple of days.

Clean Up

The last thing you want is an installation contractor who makes a mess and walks away. You can be sure that won’t happen with King Turf’s experienced and professional installers. We will remove and properly dispose of any leftover turf once your project is completed. And we’ll leave your yard looking at least as inviting as it was before we arrived on the scene.

One thing to keep in mind, though. The messiest part of our job is removing existing sod. If the weather is very dry, this process will inevitably kick up dust. We do everything we can to mitigate that, but if conditions are dry during your installation, you might want to keep your windows closed.

Overall Cost

Installing fake grass is an investment. It can seem expensive when you first look at the price tag. But you have to consider the long term, just as you do with any major investment. You’ll have only miniscule maintenance costs, and you can amortize the initial cost of fake grass over the many years you will enjoy having it in place. This transforms your major expenditure into a superior investment that delivers an undeniable financial and functional return.

Your landscaping gets a beautiful upgrade. You get less yard work. Your property gets a boost in value, thanks to that improved curb appeal and lack of future maintenance. Studies have shown that homes with fake grass not only bring higher prices, but they also sell faster than homes with maintenance-intensive natural grass lawns. And why not? What prospective home buyer wouldn’t be excited about a better looking yard that requires less work?

Meanwhile, knowing what it takes to install your new faux lawn will make the process go exactly as expected. Nice grass, by the way!

What About Pests In The Lawn?

Another deciding factor for MANY homeowners was that because artificial turf isn’t a natural environment for any type of pests, this eliminates the desire for any pests to make your lawn their home!

Can you imagine… No ants, no fleas or ticks, absolutely ZERO bugs in your yard

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