If you already have a playground OR you’re thinking of turning your backyard into one for your kids… You may want to consider Artificial Turf in your South Florida yard. The most common questions that I get from parents who are considering this, is how safe is artificial grass for kids? You can rest assured that you’re investing in keeping your kids safer, happier, and cleaner.

Artificial grass allows for an equal opportunity play experience, whether your children have a multitude of allergies or are extremely accident-prone. Natural sod lawns can be full of problem areas such as divots, standing water and pollen, which can either cause your kids to fall, get dirty or have allergic reactions. Artificial turf eliminates some of those common sod lawn problems and was created to give parents peace of mind while their kids enjoy the great outdoors.

Here’re some of the ways that artificial grass is the best at keeping your kids safe, happy, and clean!


Because of the durability that artificial turf provides, more and more parents and schools are installing artificial turf surfaces. Accidents are going to happen whether kids play on natural grass or synthetic grass, however, artificial turf is full of shock absorbing infill materials that have proven time and time again to improve fall safety. Schools, daycares, community centers and backyards are always full of rambunctious children that need a durable surface to play on. Artificial grass allows for the utmost durable surface, yet has the look of a traditional sod-based playground. Artificial surfaces work to keep the knee scrapes, cuts and bruises to a minimum, which makes artificial grass perfect for residential or commercial use.

Minimal Allergies

When you play on natural lawns there’s no way to escape the pollen and allergies that thrive within the blades of grass. Artificial turf, in comparison, produces no pollen. Children with allergies who have always struggled to enjoy playing on natural lawns will no longer struggle to breathe while running and playing on artificial turf.  Kids will be able to enjoy a cleaner surface to play on while running and jumping and won’t get disrupted by allergies. Remember to keep in mind though that artificial turf doesn’t totally eliminate pollen, as your children can still come in contact with pollen depending on how close the turf surface is to nearby trees and shrubbery.

No Divots

Grass lawns can be plush and green and smell wonderful – but they can be dangerous. Accident-prone children can have a tough time on uneven terrain. In order to ensure that your children have the safest surface to play on, artificial grass is the solution. Artificial turf does not falter due to weather or heavy foot traffic, therefore any divots or dips in the terrain will not appear.

Artificial turf has a constant height and will not wear away or erode due to certain weather, therefore, your yard will become much safer for your kids.

Easier on Clothing

Parents are use to grass stains and torn clothing after a day spent playing outside. Wouldn’t it be great if your kids could play all day and then come home and not have ruined clothes? That’s exactly the type of experience you’ll get when your kids play on artificial turf surfaces. Artificial turf is unique and clean because it contains no chlorophyll to stain clothes and the texture of the synthetic fibers will not damage most types of cloth. Artificial turf will keep your kids clean and allow clothes to last longer!

Less Mud, More Play!

If there’s a mud hole or standing water in your yard, chances are that your kids will find it quickly. One of the many benefits of kids playing on artificial turf is that turf has optimal drainage and therefore standing water and puddles will be a thing of the past. Forget muddy clothes and soaked socks – artificial turf will keep your kids happy and clean while still enjoying the yard.

Game Time, Anytime!

For kids who play sports, one of the disadvantages of a natural lawn or field is that rain can cause delays and cancellations. Artificial turf is a great alternative to natural fields because it can withstand any weather and it can bounce back quickly from any rain that’s thrown its way. Kids who enjoy participating in sports, such as soccer and football, won’t have to worry about a game being canceled due to standing water, as turf dries quickly and in turn keeps kids active and happy!

Less Bacteria Growth

Another way that artificial grass works to keep your kids safe is that it contains antimicrobial agents that work to fend off any bacteria or virus that attempt to thrive in it. While playgrounds and yards will always show some degree of bacteria, artificial turf works to lessen that exposure and make playtime more clean and safe.

Parents want their kids to be in an environment that is safe and happy and clean. Artificial turf is the perfect solution to make those dreams come true when it comes to outdoor play and recreation. Kids will be kids and artificial turf doesn’t eliminate every accident or diminish every allergen – but it does work to make playtime safer and cleaner!

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